Terms of Purchase

Nineye AB designs and sells the brand FRONTROW.


Nineye AB
Saltsjövägen 14
SE-236 35 Höllviken, Sweden
Org. No: 556818-9061
Phone: +46 (0)708-234546
E-mail: sales@frontrowliving.se


Orders can be placed either via our webshop at www.frontrowliving.se, via e-mail at
sales@frontrowliving.se or via phone at +46 (0)708-234546. An order confirmation will be sent to the given e-mail address within a few minutes of ordering (when ordering from the webshop)

In case you do not receive an order confirmation, please contact us. To place an order with us, the customer be at least 18 years of age, or have parent's written consent. Nineye AB is reserving the right to deny a customer to place a purchase. All orders are considered legally binding, and false orders are reported to the Police. No exceptions. If you have placed an order by mistake, please contact us immediately.

Terms of Payment
Payment of products is currently only accepted via "Klarna Invoice" or "Klarna Part Payment" (Klarna is a Swedish invoicing/billing company)

1. Klarna Invoice: Shop now - receive the products before you pay!

Paying by Klarna Invoice is safe, secure and easy. You will never have to state any credit card information, and you will always pay after the products have been shipped to you.

  • Always receive the products before you pay
  • Payment period - always 14 days
  • Never release any credit card information
  • Always 14 days right of withdrawal, according to the swedish law "distans- och hemförsäljningslagen (for Swedish customers)
  • Download your invoices from klarna.se
  • Possibility to part-payment

An administrative fee of SEK 19 per purchase is added to this. If no payment is made, an additional reminder fee of SEK 50 plus 26% late charge interest will be levied. At the time of purchase, a credit check will be made. In some cases, this will render you a copy of the credit check sent to your home address. Personal information will be handled discretely and in accordance with Swedish law for personal information. Klarna will handle personal information with the purpose of customer analysis, identification, credit check and marketing. Social security number will be used as customer number for customer handling purposes (this is not the case for all products and services, e.g. air fare, events and custom made products).

2. Klarna Account/Part Payment: Pay off your purchase from SEK 50/month!!

This is the payment method if you want to choose how much you will pay every month. But Klarna Account is more than that. Besides always receiving your products before paying for them, you will gather all your purchases in one single account. Even if you have made purchases in several different online stores. This means one single invoice, regardless of the amounts of purchases you do.

  • Always receive the products before you pay
  • Pay from SEK 50/month or 1/24th of the total amount
  • Never release any credit card information
  • All your purchases are gathered in one single account and one single invoice
  • Shop now - pay by the end of next month
  • One flat fee of SEK 29 regardless of number of purchases
  • You can pay off the remaining amount in one single payment anytime

At a purchase of SEK 10.000 with Klarna Account general conditions, the initiation fee is SEK 0. Current yearly interest is 19,90% which corresponds to an efficient interest of 29,22%. The total price including credit fees is SEK 11.458 (including 12 payment installments at SEK 955/installment). This example is based on installments being made during a one-year period.

At the time of purchase, a credit check will be made. This will render you a copy of the credit check sent to your home address. You can find Klarna general terms and conditions here. Standardized European Consumer credit information is linked here

Klarna AB, Organization No: SE556737-0431. Read more about Klarna at www.klarna.se

All prices are stated including Swedish VAT (Value Added Tax, currently 25%). We reserve the right for VAT increase or price changes which we cannot affect. Above this, we reserve the right for price changes within the limit of price regulations valid on the day of delivery.

Delivery time
Normal time for delivery is 1-7 weekdays depending on where in the country you live. Certain deviations might occur. We can not be held responsible for delivering a product which has been sold out or has gone out of stock/is obsolete. In case a product is non-deliverable, we will inform you of this as soon as possible, via e-mail.

Shipping methods
All products are delivered from our warehouse, through Schenker or other logistics partner. The package will then arrive to your nearest Schenker distribution center.

Shipping costs
All orders above SEK 400 are sent freight-free. For orders below SEK 400, a shipping fee of SEK 99 will be added to your order.

Right of withdrawal
We always offer 14 days statutory right of cancellation of any purchase made from www.frontrowliving.se. The items must be returned in its original package/box, and must not be used or damaged. If anything is missing from the return package, the customer will be billed for this. Receipt or invoice copy must always be enclosed with the return. The customer always pays for return shipping.

Return packages sent back to us by Cash on Delivery/Collect, will not be picked up by us. For the purchase to be canceled, the products must reach us within the above stated 14 days. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Complaint/Damaged goods
The company Nineye AB is following Swedish law of consumer goods at all kinds of complaints. Naturally, we will exchange/repair faulty or broken products at no extra cost for the customer. Visible package damages must be reported immediately at the package distribution center. If damaged, please do not check out the package. Hidden errors must be reported to us within 3 working days after delivery.

Unclaimed packages
Unclaimed packages (=not being picked up at the package distribution center by customer) will be billed SEK 400 for administration and handling. This cost will be invoiced later. If this invoice is not paid in due time, it will automatically be forwarded to a Collecting Agency. No exceptions!

Unless otherwise stated, we always offer 12 months limited warranty. For the warranty to be valid, the products/package must have been handled in a normal manner and not have been exposed to any exceptional stresses. No warranty is valid in case of negligence or faulty handling. Receipt of paid goods is valid as a warranty slip. In any case of warranty issues, the customer always pays the shipping cost to us/service center, and we/service center pay for shipping back to the customer.

We will under no circumstances whatsoever forward expose any personal information for third party use. Not even e-mail addresses. We are only using safe payment methods: Invoice and Part payment by Klarna.

We disclaim for subject to printing errors, information errors and price errors within this website and webshop.

Customers within Nordic region/Europe
We deliver to customers within all of Europe, although special shipping regulations apply for countries outside of Sweden. Please contact us when ordering from outside of Sweden. We usually work it out.

Contact information, Frontrow:

Billing address:
Nineye AB
Saltsjövägen 14

Org. No: 556818-9061

Visiting address:
Brädgårdsgatan 28


+46 (0) 708-234546


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